Q. Do I need a reservation?
A. Reservations can be made, but are not required. To make a reservation, call our front counter during regular business hours 913-768-7700. Payment is required in full with a credit card to hold your spot(s). You will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your race session(s). If you choose not to make a reservation, Sadler’s encourages you to call ahead to inquire on track availability. You may also inquire on the track configuration.

Q. Does Sadler’s provide helmets?
A. Sadler’s provides helmets in a variety of sizes.

Q. Can I bring in and use my own helmet?
A. You may use your own helmet as long as it is closed faced and D.O.T certified.

Q. Do I need to wear special clothing?
A. Sadler’s recommends comfortable clothing. Closed toe shoes are required.

Q. Do I need to have a drivers license to race?
A. No.

Q.Are there any other activities at your facility besides racing?
A. Sadler’s has a 10,000 square foot game room with several pool tables, arcade and redemption games.

Q. Are there any age or height requirements?
A. Children must measure at least 54″ in height to race by themselves in a cadet kart. Youths being driven in a double-seater kart by their parent or legal guardian, must be at least 4 years of age and 45 pounds. There is a 60” requirement to race in the regular size Dino karts.

For safety purposes, Double-Seater& Cadet Karts are not available on Fridays & Saturdays, or any other peak day/time with a high volume of customers.

Please call for availability on the youth karts.

Q. I’m bringing in a group of minor children that I am not the parent or legal guardian of, what do I need to do so they may race?
A. Each minor child will need to have a parental consent waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian prior to their arrival. Forms are printable on the home page.

Q. What kind of karts do you have and how fast do they go?
A. Our BIZ Go Karts are imported from Germany and reach speeds up to 45mph!

Q. Am I given any safety or driving instructions prior to my race?
A. Each driver will watch a 4 minute safety video prior to their race session that covers rules, regulations, flags, etc…

Q. Are there any days or hours that children are not allowed to race?
A. For safety purposes, on Fridays & Saturdays, all racers must measure at least 60″ in height to be able to race. Double-Seater & Cadet Karts are not available.